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legal name isabel lynette thibodeaux aka isa, izzy date of birth + age november 22nd, 1993, 21 hometown new orleans, louisiana living with sassy lucifer from supernatural relationship status single occupation pharmacy tech @ walgreens, night shift education bsn in pharmicuticals ('15), currently getting masters in same field
born marianne isabel bordages, her mother's family were deeply religious and refused to let their daughter take care of a "bastard child" so she was given up for adoption as a newborn. most people wanted newborns but for some reason or another, marianne never was adopted. instead she spent her time in and out of foster homes...she would have to use three people, their fingers and toes included to count how many homes she was in and out of. it wasn't that she was a bad child, she never caused any trouble. she was just terribly shy, a crippling shyness where she refused to talk to any family who took her in and within weeks she was given back to the adoption agency. that happened her whole life until she was 9 years old. a couple by the names of steve and wendy took her in. they already had a biological child the same age as marianne (who was now going by isabel), that made isabel at ease. the whole family was welcoming, unlike any other family she had ever come in contact with. it took close to 3 years but finally isabel was adopted into their family. steve was a police officer with NOPD and wendy a registered nurse, steve was able to pull some strings and able to get her name change in quicker than usual. she was no longer known as marianne isabel bordages but as isabel lynette thibodeaux.

the shy attitude that isabel had always known followed her throughout life even if slowly but surely she shed that image of herself to become who she is today. a loud, (somewhat) fouled mouth girl. she has the attitude of a teenage boy and don't forget the same humor. she isn't one to blush when adult conversations come up instead she rolls with the punches. she's a down to earth girl, she's extremely laid back. like any 21 year old though, she still has her doubts and times where she retreats back into that shy, hard to open up girl. she's graduated in 2012 with her BA in pharmaceuticals and recently began working as a pharmacy tech at walgreens. she's now going for her masters and once she's done with that to get her doctorates so she can be a pharmacist.
coming soon.
la familia
steve papá; police officer - 45
wendy mamá; nurse - 43
bridget sister - 23
lisa sister - 25
marcus brother - 27
greg brother - 30
moose cat - 1
squirrel cat - 1 1/2
★ spent nearly her entire childhood in the system, was fostered by the thibodeaux's at 9 years old and adopted by them at 11 years old
★ does not curse even though all of her friends try to make her
★ is completely the mediator (infp-t)
★ has the following phobias: ocean, mascots of any kind, and most of all butterflies & moths
★ once finished with getting her masters degree, she'll be right back to get her doctorates. it's always been her dream to be a pharmacist
★ ghosts, ufos, and the unknown completely facinate her
★ laid back and chill, it takes a lot to make isa mad
★ has two cats that are named after one of her favorite tv shows: supernatural. moose & squirrel
★ would love to see snow one day as she has never been up north
fall 2015 schedule coming soon.
dee canterellebest girl friend aka sassy lucifer
andy digbybest boy friend, teaching him how to cook
tyler rexingex-boyfriend, close friends
montry collinsfriends; met through andy
julian mccantari's best friend, now friend of hers